About us

Eastmidas, Ghana’s foremost property agency understands how difficult and stressful it can be buying and selling probably your most valuable asset. As a professional estate agency in Ghana, Eastmidas has a “hands on” approach to property.

As a housing agency, we will assist you in every step of the way to present your property in the best way possible to achieve the best price within the shortest possible time. The advice given by our staff are honest and practical.
With over many years of experience, indepth knowledge, its safe to believe in Eastmidas Properties.

Our services include Commercial brokering, Corporate real estate services, property management, Residential estate management and Evaluation Service.



Eastmidas properties leading renting agencies in Ghana at Eastmidas we understand that our property is a major investment and one that needs to be protected. Our doors are always opened to the general public, our competent and experienced staff are always willing to help you through the process, we extend our opening times to make sure you fit in with our busy schedule. Our clients’ safety is our main priority, we make sure we offer the best services.


At Eastmidas we have an established and profitable relationship with our landlords, our relationship with our landlords are well established to prevent any further problems with our tenants. At Eastmidas we make sure an agreement letter between the landlord and tenant is documented and signed to prevent any future problems.


Each property at Eastmidas is a unique preposition and every client has an individual requirement which can be catered for.


Marketing is the key success to every organisation, our customer satisfaction is our main priority in our company. We have quality details like state-of-the-art and well equipped  properties to meet all your accommodation needs. We visit each property which is then followed by targeted phone calls to potential buyers. We have other  advertising platforms such as facebook, tonaton, olx, my online market, kaymu not to mention but a few.

After Sales Service

We also have after sales services to make our clients happy. We offer one week free cleaning services to our clients. We will do everything in our power to successfully resolve any issues that may occur, we will not just sit back and wait for completion, we will be actively pursuing the sale on your behalf.


Our fees are very reasonable and we give our clients value for their money, the interesting thing is, most of our properties are very negotiable and we make sure it suits our clients needs.